“Berlin ist dazu verdammt, immerfort zu werden

und niemals zu sein”, Karl Scheffler, 1910

Berlin is a fascinating city which is constantly evolving. There is no other city where the various political influences and ideologies of the past hundred years have had such an impact on the urban landscape.

The biggest physical interventions were the bombing in spring of 1945, in which the old centre of the city completely was destroyed and subsequently the division of the city into East and West Berlin by the construction of the Wall.

Reconstruction of the city was therefore not possible and during this period many buildings have been demolished.

Despite the construction of the past 20 years, after the reunification, the influences of history are still present in the contemporary urban landscape of Berlin.

I started to look for these traces and the stories that are connected with these places, to capture them in their current urban context.

Each place deals with its history in a different way. One place is a silent witness, at another place the past collides with the present or history relives.